13 March 2015

Better Living Through Chemistry

Unhappiness unravels as a series of fortunate events takes a straight edge pharmacist out of his head.

Sam Rockwell in the burbs.

Better Call Sal

You can't escape your past.

Based on the supporting characters from Breaking Bad,  Sal Goodman and Mike Ehrmantraut, the viewer is taken into the back stories of these characters, how they met and ended up being partners.  It is black comedy and drama and the dialogue is better than in Breaking Bad.
Well worth watching.

16 May 2014

Old template

Had to revert to the classic template as it seems there is a virus in the new ones.

13 May 2014


Good Will Hunting lifts weights in District 9 before making Contact with Jodi Foster channeling Jack Nicholson in a Few Good Men..

25 March 2014

Vikings Season 1

No one expects the Viking Invasions.

Swords, pillaging, beheadings, dirt, muck, rape, meat, slaves, ships, starvation.

24 March 2014

Game of Thrones Season 1 & 2

How many puns can be made out of snow?

I watched part of season one when it first aired, but lost track of the characters and couldn't keep up with the intrigues.  I started watching it again last month and I'm hooked on Peter Dinklage.

Queen of the Night

Cirque du Soleil meets Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Medieval Times Restaurant meets a Roman Feast.

What happens when you make the audience participate?

Twelfth Night

Men playing women playing men.

Stephen Fry playing Malvolio.  Done with strict attention paid to authenticity, the costumes were glorious, stiff collars and boned waists, lace and linens.  Hilarious live theater.

sleep no more

Adult haunted house as a teaser for a fabulous restaurant.

Sleep No More is an interactive play going on in NYC.  They've converted a few warehouses into a giant 6 story set with a flapper era/speakeasy theme, two bars and a restaurant.  The set decoration and costumes are fabulous, the music is disturbing and haunting, and it is loosely based on Macbeth.

I was caught up in exploring the sets.  I should have followed the actors for I missed the ending of the show.  The sets were amazingly well-appointed and each room was creepier than the next.  There was a "safe" room, the Speakeasy itself, where one could sit and listen to a fantastic band and singer while drinking cocktails and taking off the mask they made you wear in the stage area.
After the play, the hostess managed to squeeze me into a table at the restaurant.  The food is amazing and worth it.  I suggest reservations be made as they are packed when the play ends.

08 February 2014

Orange is the new black - season one

Let's stick a prissy upper middle class chick with an ivy league degree into a federal pen for something she did ten years ago and see what happens.

Breaking Bad - the entire series

Moral grey zone. Explore how your exposure changes your way of thinking about things.  Adapt or die.

28 August 2013


Moon + Coma + The Matrix + The Borg + Terminator and the Hal 9000 thrown in for good measure.

Tom Cruise being every action hero he's been, except not Minority Report.  This movie builds over the first hour and 12 minutes, desolate scenery, character building, world building, and you think, "Wow, this is gonna be amazing", and then it's not.   I'm a big fan of sci-fi and action and I am more than willing to forgive giant holes and nods to other movies and actors phoning it in, but this was such a direct rip off of Moon with Time Machine and The Matrix jumbled in that it actually pissed me off.  The last 45 minutes of the movie was a big rush to blow things up and then they pulled one of those M. Night "surprise!" deux ex machina dick moves and I ended up  screaming at the screen and cursing the director, who as it happens, was also the writer, go figure.  Seriously, this could have been a great sci-fi movie even with the ripping off of the other movies, but Hollywood needs to stop giving these guys carte blanche and they need to start putting money into training editors who edit scripts and the film itself.  They need to stop letting these guys operate in either the vacuum or the echo chamber.  It's like the author's of successful series who decide that they don't need an editor any more for publishing and every precious word or idea is a perfect flower.  It's not.  It's ego.  And they need to check it at the gate and give us good writing again.

21 August 2013

Blood Clan (Rabies or "Kalevet")

Their makeup artists aren't afraid of bone fragments.

Fear.net offering.
Israeli horror flick.  Subtitles.  Some krav maga. All the women have blue eyes...

19 August 2013


D'onofrio's Men in Black character drives a cab as cover for his secret life.

So, he and the director wanted to call this movie "Rabbit"  which would have been a much better title.  It built up and up and up and then it just stops.  They ran out of money.  So I was all into it being an 8 out of 10, but then it was a 6.  Bummer.  It coulda been a contender.